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从前,有一个磨坊老板,有一个很漂亮的女儿。随着女儿长大,做父亲的心里开始想:"如果有一个能让我满意的人来娶她作妻子,我就把她嫁给他,这样让她也有一个好的归宿。Once upon a time there was a miller who had a beautiful daughter. When she came of age he wished that she was provided for and well married. He thought, "If a respectable suitor comes and asks for her hand in marriage, I will give her to him."

   "不久,来了一个求婚者,看起来很富有,举止也非常得体,磨坊老板从他身上找不到自己不满意的地方,就答应把女儿嫁给他。long afterward a suitor came who appeared to be very rich, and because the miller could find no fault with him, he promised his daughter to him.

   但是,女儿并不像新娘爱新郎一样爱他,而且过了不久以后,当她看见他或想到他时,心里总感觉怕得发抖。 Not The girl, however, did not like him as much as a bride should like her bridegroom. She did not trust him, and whenever she saw him or thought about him, she felt within her heart a sense of horror.

  有一天,他对她说:"你是我的未婚妻,为什么不来我家看看呢? One time he said to her, "You are engaged to marry me, but you have never once paid me a visit."

"The girl replied, "I don't know where your house is."

"Then the bridegroom said, "My house is out in the dark woods."

Looking for an excuse, she said that she would not be able to find the way there.

   未婚夫说道:"这样吧!下周星期天,你一定要来看我,我邀请了一些客人,他们都想看看你。我沿路撒一些灰,你走进森林可以循着灰迹找到我家。"The bridegroom said, "Next Sunday you must come out to me. I have already invited guests. I will make a trail of ashes, so that you can find your way through the woods."

到了第二个星期天,姑娘想了想还是出门了,可她总觉得非常不安,就多了一个心眼,在两个口袋里装了满满的两口袋碗豆和蚕豆。她来到森林边,找到撒了灰烬的路,并循着灰迹走了进去。但她每走一步,就在路的右边扔下一颗碗豆,在左边扔下一颗蚕豆。这样一磨蹭,她用了一整天才走到黑暗森林里的一幢屋子前。进了屋子,她发现整个屋子里静悄悄的,里面空无一人,她正感到有点恐慌,When Sunday came, and it was time for the girl to start on her way, she became frightened, although she herself did not know exactly why. In order to mark the path, she filled both her pockets full of peas and lentils. At the entrance of the forest there was a trail of ashes, which she followed, but at every step she threw a couple of peas to the ground, to the right and to the left. She walked almost the whole day until she came to the middle of the woods, where it was the darkest, and there stood a solitary house. She did not like it, because it looked so dark and sinister. She went inside, but no one was there. It was totally quiet.





Suddenly a voice called out: Turn back, turn back, you young bride. You are in a murderer's house.





The girl looked up and saw that the voice came from a bird, which was hanging in a cage on the wall. It cried out again: Turn back, turn back, you young bride. You are in a murderer's house.

Then the beautiful bride went from one room to another, walking through the whole house, but it was entirely empty, and not a human soul was to be found. Finally she came to the cellar. A very old woman was sitting there shaking her head.

"Could you tell me," said the girl, "if my bridegroom lives here?"

老太婆回答说:"唉——!我可爱的孩子,你现在已经落入他们为你设的圈套了,你的婚礼就是你的葬礼。因为那些强盗要夺去你的生命,如果我不救你,你就死定了!" "Oh, you poor child," replied the old woman, "where did you come from? You are in a murderer's den. You think you are a bride soon to be married, but it is death that you will be marrying. Look, they made me put a large kettle of water on the fire. When they have captured you, they will chop you to pieces without mercy, cook you, and eat you, for they are cannibals. If I do not show you compassion and save you, you are doomed."

说完,她把姑娘藏在一个大木桶里面,然后对她说:"千万不要动弹,否则,你就会大祸临头。等强盗们睡着以后,我们再逃走,我早就想离开这儿了。With this the old woman led her behind a large barrel where she could not be seen."Be quiet as a mouse." she said. "Do not make a sound or move, or all will be over with you. Tonight when the robbers are asleep we will escape. I have long waited for an opportunity."

 姑娘刚藏好身子,强盗们就进屋来了,他们还带来了另一个姑娘,那姑娘也是被他们骗来的。进来后,他们开始又吃又喝,对那个姑娘的哭叫和呻吟充耳不闻,无动于衷This had scarcely happened when the godless band came home. They were dragging with them another maiden. They were drunk and paid no attention to her screams and sobs.

还给她灌了三杯葡萄酒,一杯白色的,一杯红色的,一杯黄色的,喝完之后,她就倒下死了。姑娘躲在后面开始恐惧起来,心想下一个死的一定轮到她了。They gave her wine to drink, three glasses full, one glass of white, one glass of red, and one glass of yellow, which caused her heart to break. Then they ripped off her fine clothes, laid her on a table, chopped her beautiful body in pieces and sprinkled salt on it. The poor bride behind the barrel trembled and shook, for she saw well what fate the robbers had planned for her.

这时,她那个所谓的新郎看见那个被她们害死的姑娘的小手指上有一个金戒指,他走过去想用劲把它拔下来,可用力过猛,戒指一下子飞脱出来,掠过空中掉到了木桶后面,正好落在她这位未婚妻的裙摆上面。他端起一盏灯在房子里到处寻找,可怎么也找不到One of them noticed a gold ring on the murdered girl's little finger. Because it did not come off easily, he took an ax and chopped the finger off, but it flew into the air and over the barrel, falling right into the bride's lap. The robber took a light and looked for it, but could not find it.

"Then another one said, "Did you look behind the large barrel?"

那老太婆连忙说道:"哼!快坐在这儿吃你的晚饭吧,我保证戒指掉在这儿不会自己跑掉的,明天再找也不迟。"But the old woman cried out, "Come and eat. You can continue looking in the morning. That finger won't run away from you."

她这一说,强盗们也就不再找了,继续大吃大喝起来,老太婆趁机在他们的酒里面下了安眠药。不久,他们都躺下睡着了,个个鼾声如雷。Then the robbers said, "The old woman is right." They gave up their search and sat down to eat. The old woman poured a sleeping-potion into their wine, so that they soon lay down in the cellar and fell asleep, snoring.

姑娘听到鼾声从木桶后走出来,蹑手蹑脚地从那些横七竖八的瞌睡虫身上跨过去,生怕把他们惊醒了。真是上帝保佑,她很快脱离了险境,与老婆走上楼梯,一起逃出了这个杀人魔窟When the bride heard them snoring she came out from behind the barrel, and had to step over the sleepers, for they lay all in rows on the ground. She was afraid that she might awaken one of them, but God helped her, and she got through safely.The old woman went upstairs with her, opened the door, and they hurried out of the murderer's den as fast as they could

此时,沿路所撒的灰烬都已被风吹散,到处找不到灰迹,但姑娘所扔的碗豆和蚕豆都生根发芽了,正好给她们指示了逃走的路径。借着月光,她们一步一步地走了整整一晚,才在第二天早晨回到了磨坊,她伤心欲绝地把她的经历一古脑儿都告诉了自己的父亲  The wind had blown away the trail of ashes, but the peas and lentils had sprouted and grown up, and showed them the way in the moonlight. They walked all night, arriving at the mill the next morning. Then the girl told her father everything, just as it had happened.
举行婚礼的日子很快就到了,新郎来到新娘的家里,磨坊老板邀请了他所有的朋友和亲戚来参加婚礼。等大家都入席后,有位朋友提议每一个到来的客人都应该讲一个故事。当轮到新娘讲时,新郎对新娘说:"喂,我亲爱的,你不知道吗?该由你给我们讲故事了。"When the wedding day came, the bridegroom appeared. The miller had invited all his relatives and acquaintances. As they sat at the table, each one was asked to tell something. The bride sat still and said nothing.Then the bridegroom said to the bride, "Come, sweetheart, don't you know anything? Tell us something, like the others have done."

  ' 转回去,美丽的新娘!


She answered:Then I will tell about a dream. I was walking alone through the woods, when finally I came to a house. Inside there was not a single human soul, but on the wall there was a bird in a cage. It cried out: Turn back, turn back, you young bride. You are in a murderer's house.

——我的爱人,我只是梦见这些。接着,我走过了所有房间,它们全是空的,最后我来到一间地下室,里面坐着一个老太婆。我对她说:'我的新郎住在这儿吗?'她回答说:'哎!我可爱的孩子,你落进了他们为你设计的一个圈套,你的新郎官一定会杀死你。'Then it cried out the same thing again. Darling, it was only a dream. Then I went through all the rooms. They were all empty, and there was something so eerie in there. Finally I went down into the cellar, and there sat a very old woman, shaking her head. I asked her, "Does my bridegroom live in this house?"
She answered, "Alas poor child, you have gotten into a murderer's den. Your bridegroom does live here, but he intends to chop you to pieces and kill you, and then he intends to cook you and eat you."

 ——我的爱人,我只是梦见这些。但那老太婆却把我藏在了一个大木桶后面,我刚藏好,强盗们就拖了一个姑娘进来了。他们给她灌了白、红、黄三种葡萄酒之后,她便倒在地上死去了。Darling, it was only a dream. After that the old woman hid me behind a large barrel. I had scarcely hidden myself there when the robbers came home, dragging a girl with them. They gave her three kinds of wine to drink: white, red, and yellow, which caused her heart to stop beating.

——我的爱人,我只是梦见这些。他们干完这些坏事后,有一个强盗看见那姑娘的小手指上有一个金戒指,就走上前去用劲拔取,结果戒指飞到房顶,正好跳到我躲藏的那个大木桶后面,掉在了我的裙摆上,这就是那个戒指!"她说着,拿出了那个戒指给在坐的客人们看。Darling, it was only a dream. After that they took off her fine clothes, and chopped her beautiful body to pieces on a table, then sprinkled salt on it. Darling, it was only a dream. Then one of the robbers saw that there was still a ring on her ring finger. Because it was hard to get the ring off, he took an ax and chopped off the finger. The finger flew through the air behind the large barrel, and fell into my lap. And here is the finger with the ring.With these words she pulled out the finger and showed it to everyone who was there.

那个强盗新郎看到戒指,听到她说的这些,吓得面如死灰,站起身来想立即逃走,但客人们很快抓住了他,把他押送到了法庭。他和他那帮作恶多端的强盗最终都受到了应有的惩罚The robber, who had during this story become as white as chalk, jumped up and tried to escape, but the guests held him fast, and turned him over to the courts. Then he and his whole band were executed for their shameful deeds.