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高二人教新课标选修6 unit 3 A healthy life课文翻译

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  高二人教新课标选修6 unit 3 A healthy life课文翻译

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  Dear James,

  It's a beautiful day here and I am sitting under the big tree at the end of the garden. I have just returned from a long bike ride to an old castle. It seems amazing that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometres in an afternoon. It's my birthday in two weeks time and I'll be 82 years old! I think my long and active life must be due to the healthy life I live.

  This brings me to the real reason for my letter, my dear grandson. Your mother tells me that you started smoking some time ago and now you are finding it difficult to give up. Believe me, I know how easy it is to begin smoking and how tough it is to stop. You see, during adolescence I also smoked and became addicted to cigarettes.

  By the way, did you know that this is because you become addicted in three different ways? First, you can become physically addicted to nicotine, which is one of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarettes. This means that after a while your body becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it. So when the drug leaves your body, you get withdrawal symptoms. I remember feeling bad-tempered and sometimes even in pain. Secondly, you become addicted through habit. As you know, if you do the same thing over and over again, you begin to do it automatically. Lastly, you can become mentally addicted. I believe I was happier and more relaxed after having a cigarette, so I began to think that I could only feel good when I smoked. I was addicted in all three ways, so it was very difficult to quit.But I did finally manage.

  When I was young, I didn't know much about the harmful effects of smoking. I didn't know, for example, that it could do terrible damage to your heart and lungs or that it was more difficult for smoking couples to become pregnant. I certainly didn't know their babies may have a smaller birth weight or even be abnormal in some way. Neither did I know that my cigarette smoke could affect the health of non-smokers. However, what I did know was that my girlfriend thought I smelt terrible. She said my breath and clothes smelt, and that the ends of my fingers were turning yellow. She told me that she wouldn't go out with me again unless I stopped! I also noticed that I became breathless quickly, and that I wasn't enjoying sport as much. When I was taken off the school football team because I was unfit, I knew it was time to quit smoking.

  I am sending you some advice I found on the Internet. It might help you to stop and strengthen your resolve. I do hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I have.



  How can I stop smoking?

  It isn't easy to stop smoking, but millions have managed to quit and so can you. Here are a few suggestions.

  ● Prepare yourself.Decide on a day to quit. Don't choose a day that you know is going to be stressful, such as the day of an exam. Make a list of all the benefits you will get from stopping smoking. Then throw away your last packet of cigarettes.

  ● Be determined.Every time you feel like smoking a cigarette, remind yourself that you are a non-smoker. Reread the list of benefits you wrote earlier.

  ● Break the habit.Instead of smoking a cigarette, do something else. Go for a walk, clean your teeth, drink some water, clean the house; in fact, do anything to keep your mind and especially your hands busy.

  ● Relax.If you start to feel nervous or stressed, don't reach for a cigarette. Try some deep breathing instead. Do some relaxation exercises every time you feel stressed.

  ● Get help if you need it.Arrange to stop smoking with a friend so you can talk about your problems, or join a stop-smoking group. If you feel desperate, you might like to talk to a doctor or chemist about something to help you, like nicotine chewing gum.

  ● Keep trying.Do not be disappointed if you have to try several times before you finally stop smoking. If you weaken and have a cigarette, do not feel ashamed. Just try again. You will succeed eventually.





  这儿我想顺便问你一个问题,你知道上瘾有三个方面的原因吗?首先,你会在身体上对尼古丁有瘾,它是香烟里几百种化学物质之一。这就是说,过一段时间以后,你的身体习惯了香烟里的尼古丁,一旦你的体内没有这种麻醉剂了,你就会有断瘾症状,我记得曾感到烦燥、甚至痛苦。其次你也可能因为习惯的原因而上瘾。你知道,如果你反反复复地做同一件事情,你就会自动地做它。最后,你可以心理上瘾。我 那时认为,抽了一支烟后就会感到更轻松愉快,于是我就以为抽烟才能使自己感觉良好。我之所以上瘾是有着这三个方面的原因的,因此,要戒烟就很难。但是我终于还是戒掉了。

  在我年轻的时候,关于吸烟的危害性我知道得并不多。例如,我不知道抽烟能严重侵害人的心脏和肺部,也不知道吸烟的夫妇生育能力会下降。我当然不知道他们的婴儿在出生时可能体重较轻或在某些方面不正常。我更不知道,我自己吸烟还会损害那些不吸烟人的健康。然而我的的确确知道,我的女朋友觉得我的烟味很难闻。她说我的呼吸、我的衣服都有味道,而且我的手指头都变黄了。她说在我把烟戒掉之前 她是不会同我一起外出的。我也发现我跑步很快就气喘,也不像以前那样爱好运动了。而当我因为不健康 而被校足球队除名之后,我才知道该是我戒烟的时候了。

  我把我从网上找到的一些忠告寄给你,也许对你戒烟和坚定决心会有所帮助。我的确希望你把烟戒掉, 因为我希望你能像我这样活得健康长寿。




  . 作好准备。确定一个开始戒烟的日子。不要选择你明知有压力的日子,例如要考试的那一天。把戒烟的好处开列一个清单。在你计划戒烟的前一天,把你最后一包香烟扔掉。


  ·破除旧习。不要抽烟,而去干点别的事情。去散散步、刷刷牙、喝点水、打扫房间。其实,只要是 能使你的脑,特别是于不得闲的事情,你都可以去做。

  ·放松休息。如果你开始感到紧张有压力了,这时你也不要伸手去拿香烟。试着做做深呼吸。每当你 感到紧张了,就去做做放松运动。

  ·必要时找人帮忙。同朋友一起来安排戒烟,这样你们可以谈谈你的问题,你也可以参加一个戒烟小组。如果你的确感到没法办,你还可以找一个医生或药剂师来谈谈,帮你想点办法,如含尼古丁的口香糖 等。

  ·继续努力。即使非得经过多次戒烟才能最后把它戒掉,你也不要失去希望。如果你因意志衰弱而又 抽烟了,也不要觉得难为情。那就再努力戒就是了。最终你是会成功的。

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