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高二人教新课标选修6 unit 5 The power of nature课文翻译

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  高二人教新课标选修6 unit 5 The power of nature课文翻译

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  I have the greatest job in the world. I travel to unusual places and work alongside people from all over the world. Sometimes working outdoors, sometimes in an office, sometimes using scientific equipment and sometimes meeting local people and tourists. I am never bored. Although my job is occasionally dangerous, I don't mind because danger excites me and makes me feel alive. However, the most important thing about my job is that I help to protect ordinary people from one of the most powerful natural forces on earth — the

  I was appointed as a volcanologist working for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) twenty years ago. My job is collecting information for a database about Mount Kilauea, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii. Having collected and evaluated the information, I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. Our work has saved many lives because people in the path of the lava can be warned to leave their houses. Unfortunately, we cannot move their homes out of the way, and many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground.

  When boiling rock erupts from a volcano and crashes back to earth, it causes less damage than you might imagine. This is because no one lives near the top of Mount Kilauea, where the rocks fall. The lava that flows slowly like a wave down the mountain causes far more damage because it buries everything in its path under the molten rock. However, the eruption itself is really exciting to watch and I shall never forget my first sight of one. It was in the second week after I arrived in Hawaii. Having worked hard all day, I went to bed early. I was fast asleep when suddenly my bed began shaking and I heard a strange sound, like a railway train passing my window. Having experienced quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn't take much notice. I was about to go back to sleep when suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day. I ran out of the house into the back garden where I could see Mount Kilauea in the distance. There had been an eruption from the side of the mountain and red hot lava was fountaining hundreds of metres into the air. It was an absolutely fantastic

  The day after this eruption I was lucky enough to have a much closer look at it. Two other scientists and I were driven up the mountain and dropped as close as possible to the crater that had been formed during the eruption. Having earlier collected special clothes from the observatory, we put them on before we went any closer. All three of us looked like spacemen. We had white protective suits that covered our whole body, helmets, big boots and special gloves. It was not easy to walk in these suits, but we slowly made our way to the edge of the crater and looked down into the red, boiling centre. The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but this being my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched

  Today, I am just as enthusiastic about my job as the day I first started. Having studied volcanoes now for many years, I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage.

  第五单元 大自然的力量





  我的工作是世界上最伟大的工作。我跑的地方是稀罕奇特的地方,和我一道工作的人来自世界各地。 (我们)有时在室外工作,有时在办公室里,有时工作中要用科学仪器,有时要会见当地百姓和旅游人士。 但是我从来不感到工作烦人。虽然我的忑作偶尔也有危险,但是我并不在乎,因为危险能激励我,使我感到有活力。然而,最重要的是,通过我的工作能保护普通百姓免遭火山的威胁一一这是世界上最大的自然威力之一。

  作为一名火山学家,我被派到夏威夷火山观测站(HVO)工作。我的任务是收集有关基拉韦厄火山的数据资料,这是夏威夷最活跃的火山之一。收集和评估了这些信息之后,我就帮助其他科学家一起预测下次火山熔岩将往何处流去,流速是多少。我们的工作拯救了许多人的生命,因为熔岩要流经之地,老百姓 都可以得到离开家园的通知。遗憾的是,我们不可能把他们的家搬离岩浆流过的地方,因此,许多房屋被 熔岩淹没,或者焚烧殆尽。

  当滚烫的岩石从火山喷发出来并撞回地面时,它所造成的损失比想象的要小些,这是因为在岩石下落的基拉韦厄火山顶附近无人居住。而顺着山坡下流的火山熔岩所造成的损失却大得多,这是因为火山岩浆所流经的地方,一切东西都被掩埋在熔岩下面了。然而火山喷发本身的确是很壮观的,我永远也忘不了我 第二次看见火山喷发时的情景。那是在我抵达夏威夷后的第二个星期。那天我辛辛苦苦地干了一整天,很早就上床睡觉了。我在熟睡中突然感到床铺在摇晃,接着我听到一阵奇怪的声音,就好像一列火车在我的窗外行驶一样。因为我在夏威夷曾经经历过多次地震,所以对这种声音我并不在意。我刚要再睡,突然我 的卧室亮如白昼。我赶紧跑出房间,来到后花园,在那儿我能远远地看见基拉韦厄火山。在山的一边有火 山喷发,红色发烫的岩浆像喷泉一样,朝天上喷射达几百米高。真是绝妙的奇景!




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