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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
“Boundless is the ocean where we sail with the wind.” Like a vast ocean, the Asia Pacific offers enough sailing space for us to make progress together. Each and every APEC member has a stake in the future development of the Asia Pacific.
China has high hopes for this year’s APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. We stand ready to work with our partners in this region to build a beautiful Asia Pacific that leads the world, benefits all sides, and ensures the well-being of future generations. With this in mind, I would like to share with you my vision about the Asia-Pacific region in four aspects.
First, an Asia-Pacific region that seeks common development. The Asia-Pacific economies have close ties and shared interests. We should draw upon our respective strengths, optimize the allocation of economic resources, improve industrial layout, and build an Asia-Pacific value chain and a big Asia-Pacific market where benefits are shared by all. The developed economies should provide stronger support and assistance to the developing ones, while the latter should for their part work hard to catch up. Only by narrowing the development gap can we all rise with the tide of development in the Asia Pacific.
Second, an Asia-Pacific region that stays committed to open development. The end of World War II was followed by an economic boom of more than 25 years in 13 economies in the world. One common feature of the economies was their policy of opening-up. We should follow the trend of the times, uphold a multilateral trading system that is free, open and non-discriminatory, and oppose all forms of protectionism. We should work together in building open economy and a framework for regional cooperation, and, in an open and inclusive spirit, advance the building of a free trade area of the Asia Pacific.
Third, an Asia-Pacific region that promotes innovation-driven development. Growth will be unsustainable if it is solely driven by fiscal stimulus measures and unconventional monetary policies, and will be too costly if it is based on excessive consumption of resources and achieved at the expense of the environment. We need innovation in both the thinking and approaches of development. We should abandon outdated mindsets, break away from old confines, and pursue green, circular and low-carbon development. We should continue to improve our capability in innovation so as to foster emerging industries, explore new driving force for growth and enhance core competitiveness.
Fourth, an Asia-Pacific region that pursues interconnected growth. The Asia-Pacific economies are interdependent on each other, with shared interests and common destiny. The success or failure of one may ultimately lead to success or failure of all. In this chain of dynamic interactions, one economy’s development will have a knock-on effect on other economies. We should strengthen the sense of community of common destiny, contribute to other’s development with that of one’s own, tap fully into our respective strengths through coordination and interconnection, pass on positive energy and achieve sound interactions and coordinated development among all economies.
At present, Asian countries, especially emerging markets and developing countries, are in great financial needs to develop infrastructure. Particularly in the face of such severe challenges as mounting downward pressure and financial volatility, it is necessary for us to mobilize more funds for infrastructural development to maintain sustained and steady economic growth and promote connectivity and economic integration in the region. To this end, we propose to establish an Asian infrastructure investment bank to help fund the infrastructural development of ASEAN countries and other developing countries in the region. This proposed bank will work together with the existing multilateral development banks in and outside the region and complement one another to fuel the sustained and steady growth of the Asian economy.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
The business community is a major force for the development of economy and trade as well as an integral part in APEC cooperation. China places great importance on the role of the business community. We are ready to hear your views and suggestions and facilitate your deeper and easier engagement, especially that of SMEs and micro businesses, in economic development and regional cooperation.
Last August, China’s business community established an APEC China Business Council. This provides institutional guarantee for the business sector’s deeper involvement in the making of economic and trade rules in the Asia Pacific, and demonstrates the readiness of China’s business community to undertake international responsibilities.
More friends, more opportunities. Many of you present here are old friends of the Chinese people who have participated in China’s reform and opening-up endeavor. We will never forget old friends, and we will be most happy to make new ones. China welcomes and encourages businesses from all economies, APEC members in particular, to invest and do business in China and take an active part in China’s reform and opening-up endeavor. The more friends we have, the more China’s reform and opening-up endeavor will thrive and prosper.
I hope friends from the business community will make full use of APEC as a platform to get your voices heard on how to improve trade and investment environment in the Asia Pacific, and, with your strength in market information, technology incubation, and innovative capability, put forward strategic and forward-looking suggestions so as to contribute your ideas to promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, deepening regional economic integration and the future development of APEC.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
China will host the 2014 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and the related events. We will, taking this opportunity and focusing on the future of APEC, seek to build closer partnerships, deepen pragmatic cooperation, and enhance the leading role of APEC in shaping the long-term development vision of the Asia-Pacific region.
I hope that all of you, friends from the Asia-Pacific business community, will meet in Beijing then for discussions and witness another important moment in the development of the Asia Pacific.
Thank you.   

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