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浙江省2017高考英语读后续写真题A Vacation with My Mother

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A Vacation with My Mother
   I had an interesting childhood. It was filled with surprises and amusements, all because of my mother---loving, sweet, yet absent-minded and forgetful. One strange family trip we took when I was eleven tells a lot about her.
   My two sets of grandparents lived in Colorado and North Dakota, and my parents decided to spend a few weeks driving to those states and seeing all the sights along the way. As the first day of our trip approached, David, my eight-year-old brother, and I unwillingly said good-bye to all of our friends. Who knew if we’d ever see them again? Finally, the moment of our departure arrived, and we loaded suitcases, books, games, camping equipment, and a tent into the car and bravely drove off. We bravely drove off again two hours later after we’d returned home to get the purse and traveler’s checks Mom had forgotten.
David and I were always a little nervous when using gas station bathrooms if Mom was driving while Dad slept: “You stand outside the door and play lookout(放哨) while I go, and I’ll stand outside the door and play lookout while you go.” I had terrible pictures in my mind: “Honey, where are the kids?” “What?! Oh, Gosh…I thought they were being awfully quiet.” We were never actually left behind in a strange city, but we weren’t about to take any chances.
On the fourth or fifth night, we had trouble finding a hotel with a vacancy. After driving in vain for some time, Mom suddenly got a great idea: Why didn’t we find a house with a likely-looking backyard and ask if we could set up tent there? David and I became nervous. To our great relief, Dad turned down the idea. Mom never could understand our objections(反对). If a strange family showed up on her front doorstep, Mom would have been delighted. She thinks everyone in the world is as nice as she is. We finally found a vacancy in the next town.                                                              
   4.续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。 原题大意
文章中文大意:我的母亲和健忘(absent-minded and forgetful),一家四口去祖父母在的省自驾旅游,途中发生了有趣的事情,比如爸爸叫我盯住妈妈,以防她开车的时候睡着:
关键词: mom dad  David (弟弟) tent  camping  nice trouble forgetful absent-minded
浙江省在新高考改革后的第三次的英语高考中,又又又一次考了续写!(说好的概要和续写交替出现呢?)但是这次的续写话题和之前两次又不太一样,(2016年10月:森林迷路;2017年6月:路上遇狼;)之前两次的话题都有着明确的主线和情节发展方向,但是这次的话题非常开放,主线非常不明确,进而导致的问题是同学们不知道该怎么展开处理了 。

  其次,第二段开头说来描述欣赏风景: 此处可以用一些描述景色环境的表达来烘托下氛围,但是第二段不能仅仅只能有景色描述; 例如:这里可以实写和虚写结合的方式,看到景色(同时回忆往事),最终把故事的落脚点放在“家人的感情”“亲情”“生活的乐趣”“与妈妈一起的趣事”等等角度都可以的;当然也有同学描述与陌生人的相遇,引出了陌生人的善意这个主题;总之这次的话题比较开放,情节可以写的角度比较多;
再次,除了情节方面的内容以外,以下几个方面是考生需要着重关注的得分点:字迹清晰程度,语法多样性和句式丰富性,衔接成分的使用,语言的场景恰当程度;高考英语写作中,考生所采用的句型结构一定程度上影响了老师对考生写作水平的判断;说到语法丰富性方面,例如在作文中用到从句结构、强调句、非谓语结构等。尤其应该注意的是:避免句型单一化,如通篇使用定语从句,这样反而使阅卷老师觉得该考生对句型掌握的不够充分。应该在文章写作中有意识地多使用不同的句型结构。例如:They said it was such a beautiful day that they would remember it forever.(such...that结构)。  由于阅卷老师在评卷时的时间十分有限,在作文中放入显耀的连接词可以帮助老师快速抓住文章结构,促使老师更好地理解文章主旨,同时清晰的连接词可以显示作者写作时严谨的逻辑。例如:upon one's arrival, then, however, besides, while等。


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