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高二完形填空解析I was traveling by train from Perth

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I was traveling by train from Perth to Central one morning. Quietly sitting there reading, I found myself suddenly listening to the train guard's   41___,As I looked up from my paper, I noticed other passengers,  42  absorbed in their smart phones, also appeared to be listening. Why did they  43  this message so much?
As best I can recall, the guard said something along the_  44   , "Good Morning, everyone! This is the 7: 35 a.m. train from Perth to Central and we are right on time. It is really a __45__  morning in Sydney today! The sun is shining, birds are   46  , and alls right with the world. I trust you have a great day wherever you're going. Thanks for   47   my train and I hope to see you again soon. Have a great day.”
Everyone started smiling, even the  48  talking to one another, all about the guards  49  and how good it made everyone feel.
I was thinking about this and as I exited the train, I 50 the Guard's cabin to thank him, only to be told he had just finished his  51  and was on his way home. Then I  52 down the stairs. At the bottom, I finally  53  the young guard.
"Are you the guard on the 7: 35 train from Perth?
" Oh, oh, yes, yes. replied the guard, a bit   54   at first.
"Well, I just want to thank you for your message. It is so upbeat and pleasant. Thank you for giving us such a good  55   to the day. Please _ 56  doing it.”
When people are happy in their   57  , it shows in what they do and say, which will make a 58  to each other. Can you imagine the conversation that guard would have at table when he  59  home, "Guess what happened to me today-a customer actually  60  me!
41. A. explanation     B.  arrangement      C. announcement         D. appreciation
42. A. Previously      B. confidently        C. deliberately           D. anxiously
43. A. get across      B. object to           C. give out              D. pay attention to
44. A. Passages       B. lines              C. rows                 D. texts
45. A. Lovely        B. free               C. busy                 D. violent
46. A. Trembling      B. hiding             C. singing              D. falling
47, A . Decorating      B. cleaning          C. leaving              D. taking
48. A. Cleaners        B. strangers          C. friends              D. acquaintances
49, A. Instruction      B. warning           C. message             D. requirement
50. A. Approached      B. escaped          C. watched             D. ignored
51, A. Advertisement    B. shift             C. vocation            D. speech
52. A. Raced           B. broke            C. fell                D. went
53. A.  Avoided        B. mistook         C. missed              D. caught
54. A Moved           B. shocked         C. relaxed             D. honored
55. A. Start            B. arrangement      C. excuse             D. conclusion
56. A .Risk             B, keep            C. remember          D. imagine
57. A. Challenge        B. traveling         C. work              D. lecture
58. A. Compromise      B. conversation     C. promise            D. difference
59. A. Missed           B. got            C. drove              D. left
60. A. Thanked          B. embarrassed     C. followed           D. frightened


41.C 考查名词。A. explanation 解释;B. arrangement 安排;C. announcement 公告,广播; D. appreciation 欣赏。根据下文 “Good Morning, everyone! This is the 7:35 a.m. train from Perth to Central and we are right on time.和 Thanks for 47 my train and I hope to see you again soon. Have a great day.”可知是列车员的广播,故选 C

42. A 考查副词。A. previously 以前,先前;B. confidently 自信地;C deliberately 故意;D. anxiously 焦急地。根据 also appeared to be listening.可知以前看报纸和看手机的人都停下来 开始听列车员广播,故选 A.

43. D 考查动词短语。A. get across 通过;B. object to 反对;C. give out 发出;D. pay attention to 注意。此处指作者表示疑问,为什么这些乘客对列车员广播的信息如此注意。 指注意收听,故选 D.

44. B 考查名词。A. passages 短文;B. lines 线;C. rows 行;D. texts 课文。along the lines “沿线”,此处指列车员沿线的广播,故选 B.

45. A 考查形容词。A. lovely 令人愉快的;B free 自由的;C. .busy 忙碌的;D. violent 暴力的。根据广播中的 The sun is shining, birds are   46  , and all’s right with the world.可知这一天是令人愉快的,故选 A.
46. C 考查动词。A. trembling 颤抖;B. hiding 隐藏;C. singing 唱歌;D. falling 下降。此 处指鸟儿在歌唱,故选 C.
47. D 考查动词。A. decorating 装饰;B. cleaning 清洁;C. leaving 离开;D. taking 乘坐。 列车员表示感谢乘坐这次列车,故选 D.

48. B 考查名词。A. cleaners 清洁工;B. strangers 陌生人;C. friends 朋友;D. acquaintances

熟人。听完广播之后每个人开始微笑,甚至陌生人也开始互相交谈。故选 B.

49. C 考查名词。A. instruction 指示;B. warning 警告;C. message 消息;D. requirement 要求。根据文中 Why did they 43 this message so much?和 I just want to thank you for your
message.提到的 message,可知此处指列车员的广播信息,故选 C.

50. A 考查动词。A. approached 上前,接近;B. escaped 逃离;C. watched 观察;D. ignored忽略。此处指我下车时走近广播室去感谢广播员,故选 A.

51. B 考查名词。A. advertisement 广告;B. shift 轮班;C. vocation 职业;D. speech 演讲。 此处指别人告诉我广播员已经完成了轮班回家了,指下班了,故选 A.

52. A 考查动词。A. raced 急走,跑;B. broke 打破;C. fell 掉下;D. went 去。此处指我听 完后赶紧跑下楼梯去追广播员,故选 A.

53. D 考查动词。A. avoided 避免;B. mistook 弄错;C. missed 错过;D. caught 追上,赶上。 我最后追上了那个年轻的列车员,故选 D.

54. B 考查形容词。A. moved 感动的;B. shocked 震惊的;C. relaxed 放松的;D. honored

受尊敬的。因为列车员并不认识我,所以我问他问题时他有点震惊。故选 B.

55. A 考查名词。A. start 开始;B. arrangement 安排;C. excuse 借口;D. conclusion 结论。 我感谢列车员给了我一天中好的开始,故选 A.

56. B 考查动词。A. risk 冒险;B. keep 保持;C. remember 记得;D. imagine 想象。keep doing “一直做某事”,作者希望列车员一直坚持下去。故选 B.

57. C 考查名词。A. challenge 挑战;B. traveling 旅游;C. work 工作;D. lecture 演讲。当 人们在他们的工作中快乐时,呼应前面列车员的工作。故选 C.

58.D 考查名词。A. compromise 妥协;B. conversation 会话;C. promise 允诺;D. difference

差异。此处指一个人的快乐会在他的言行中显示出来,对别人造成影响。make a difference “有影响,有关系”,故选 D.

59.B 考查动词。A. missed 错过;B. got 到达;C. drove 驾驶;D. left 离开。此处是想象列车员到家后坐在桌边的谈话,表示到达,故选 B.

60. A 考查动词。A. thanked 感谢;B. embarrassed 尴尬;C. followed 跟着;D. frightened

害怕。此处指列车员说今天一个顾客竟然感谢了他,根据上文 I just want to thank you for your message.和 Thank you for giving us such a good 55 to the day.可知作者对他的感 谢,故选 A.


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